Bodie Cup : Wildlife – Print, submission 17th February 2015

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The first cup competition of the 2014-15 season will be the Bodie Cup.  This year’s topic is Wildlife.

Our judge will be Bob Humphries who will be visiting us on 27th January to give us an introduction to Wildlife Photography and hopefully we can pick up some hints and tips for the submissions.  The results will be announced on 10th March 2015.

The Wildlife competition will be subject to the following guidelines

  • Storytelling of Photograph is very important
  • Human element shall not be present
  • Scientific bands, tags & radio collars on wild animals are permitted
  • Domestic, feral, mounted animals, hybrid or cultivated plants are NOT allowed.
  • Manipulation which alters the truth of the image is NOT permitted.
  • Do not add, relocate, replicate or remove elements from the image except by cropping.
  • Digital photo enhancement is allowed.  All allowed adjustments must appear natural.
  • Stitched images are NOT allowed.
  • Wildlife images are free and unrestrained in natural or adopted habitat
  • Landscape, geological formations, zoo or game & farm animals are not allowed

These guidelines are from those used in PAGB Nature competitions.


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