• Digital Images
    • 1400px x 1050px max
    • Resolution: 72dpi or 300dpi
    • Format: jpeg
    • Colour Profile: sRGB
    • Each Image should be Titled
    • Please submit images on a USB Stick/CD/SD Card with your name on it
    • Prints
    • Preferably A4 or A5 – but as we have an A3 printer these will also be accepted.
    • Mounted on card with a title on reverse. Print judges will often take the quality of mount and presentation into consideration when awarding marks.
    • Do not put your name on the print

    Competitions for 2015-16

    The Club Championship

    The photographer who scores the highest aggregate total points from the three club competitions is awarded the Club Championship Trophy.

    The President’s Trophy

    Is awarded by the best aggregate score from 3 submitted images on the named topic.

    The Gatt (Landscape) cup

    Awarded to the best aggregate score from 3 submitted images. Entries may be from among images previously submitted this season, new images, or a mix of these.


    The Bodie Cup.

    The photographer with the best aggregate score from 3 submitted images on the named topic is awarded the Bodie Cup.

    The Baillie Plate

    Is awarded to the most improved photographer or outstanding achievement of the year.

    Image of the Year

    Will be chosen by the members from those submitted in any of the current year’s competitions.


    Other Items to Note

    Judges will be asked to mark out of 20

    For the Gatt Cup and President’s Trophy in the event of a tie, the winner will be the person with the highest score for any one print in the three. These results do not count toward the Club Championship

    Any image earning points in a previous competition is not eligible for future club competitions.

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