Visit from John MacGregor – cutting your own mounts

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John MacGregor from Forres Camera Club visited us in 24th November to instruct us on cutting your own mounts for your prints.

John had a wonderful piece of kit with him.  He had brought his Logan Mount Cutter which made the whole process so much easier.  There were a good few calculations needed, a big bit of paper is needed (in my case a calculator) I am sure once you got your head round what you wanted to do it should be simple but a lot of concentration is needed.  Not a job to be done when the kids or grandkids are running around.

John also gave us some ideas on where to buy mounting card and a fantastic way to do your own framing.

We thank John very much for making the trip down to Banff and we will see him again in March as the judge of our Flora and Fauna competition.

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