Guest Speaker – John Ingle, Close up and Macro Photography

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Our guest speaker on Tuesday 10th February was John Ingle, of Moray CC. John informed, and entertained, with his talk on the Lilliputian world of close up, and macro photography. With most club talks, the audience members knowledge of the subject varies, but there was something here for the novice and experienced snapper alike. His approach is forensic, and he comprehensively covered depth of field, illumination, and light loss etc. but it is clear that with instant review we can all get results, even if we are a bit more “hit and miss”.

He was good enough to bring along a variety of equipment to illustrate his talk. Not only the macro lenses, and bellows, but the more affordable entry level ¬†supplementary lenses, and filters, showing a foray into macro was within everyone’s reach.

John confesses not to have embraced the digital revolution thus far, but with retirement impending this will doubtless change.

After the technical stuff it was on to the photographs, slides! remember them? How refreshing to see portrait format full size. The natural history shots of the smallest creatures were exceptional, and will live in the memory, even if the scientific nomenclature did not.

Thanks John.

Image: Pretty in Pink by Pat Milne

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