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I took a real interest in photography after I retired from the Police. That was a while ago now as the number of seasonal lines on my face will confirm!!

I  have in my nomadic existence, been a member of Dumbarton and St.Andrews Photographic Clubs, before joining the now ‘famous Deveron Camera Club’.

I have like most members of our club,a passion for photography. Every time I press the shutter button I am conscious of the potential to create something creative and hopefully, special. So I try to give it my best shot. I do love to experiment which is not always successful,but that is all part of the territory,the challenge and is great fun!!

My real interest is in taking landscapes. I try and introduce atmosphere, a timeless feel or Impressionism to my photographs. But I do like to try and experiment in other fields for example Still Life and Wildlife.

I love to take part in all the various competitions as the participation tends to bring out the best in me and is a fantastic way to learn more. Listening to judges comments(for the most part),is part of the education and experience.

Without getting too carried away with myself, I have had some proud moments as far as some competitions and National Exhibitions are concerned.

I think that there is a lovely atmosphere with a sense of humour at our club and I don’t think that you can put a price on that.

Every Meeting is to me a rich photographic adventure to be shared with the other members. And we have had an influx of more members which is proving good for the club.

I am optimistic and do think the club has a great future.

Trevor Macpherson

Pier Engulfed! by Trevor MacPherson

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